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There's no safer hands to be in than our lifeguards, all of our swimming instructors have the latest credible and accepted qualifications, and they also have lifesaving certificates along with enhanced CRB disclosures recognised in the UK and Internationally. With over 13 years of experience in the swimming industry, we provide swimming lessons for students from as young as 2 months old.

If you are looking for the answer to you or your families swimming struggles? Look no further!

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We are fully qualified to teach autistic, down syndrome children, babies as young as 2 months to fully grown adults thanks to our over 13 years of experience in different countries taking the best of the programs out there.

We highly encourage parents to come along, meet other families and watch some lessons before committing to courses. It is important to understand the KICK-FLOAT-KICK methodology is different from other swimming programs as it focuses on floating first. Come and watch how fantastic our students swim and float confidently and independently.

"Once you learn how to swim, any other challenges that you will face in life are easier to get over" - Miguel

Meet Miguel, Co-Founder

A former full-time lifeguard, competitive swimmer and a proffessional swimming teacher, unnaturally Miguel started to swim when he was only 6 years old. It was a distraction from a rare back and skin condition he suffered with from birth...

At that time I was living in Madrid, Spain. My doctor advised my father to take me to the sea to bath and heal my skin. Every day my dad managed to keep in the cold sea by showing me all the sea horses and fish that hid under the sea weed. after many months, one day like a miracle my back and skin problem went away and I was left in love with water.

Persuing his aquatic passion Miguel did almost every possible swimming qualification until he found the final piece of the puzzle in the USA when he learnt  the only method where children learn from the age of 2 months how to be safe in the water. He believed this method may be the reason why USA takes all the medals at the Olympics.

In 2012 Miguel moved to the UK and founded ISA with Silvia with a commitment to making the water a safer place for swimmers and making sure no student EVER gets left behind!

“Safety is first, that’s why Kick-Float-Kick is so important to us."


Meet Silvia, Co-Founder

She has a passion for water sports, physical activities and of course swimming since she was 4 years old, and has always loved the water and slides. However it wasn't always that way...

I remember my beginner swimming lessons being scary. We learnt in a big class. The instructor made us jump in at the deep end before we had properly learnt to float or swim. I remember those who struggled to learn were often left out of the fun activities. I don't think everyone even after many hours of lessons ever learnt how to confidently swim. Big swimming classes are not ideal for beginners. Unfortunately they are still very popular around Europe teaching outdated methods by which the instructor says "kick your legs like this" instead of adopting a hands on approach and giving the child the individual support they need.

Since 2012 she has been working for some important swimming companies in London teaching all kind of lessons including Parent & Baby lessons that do not offer lessons that actually teach babies how to be independent and swim. In 2014 she joined Miguel to set up ISA and later in the USA to become qualified instructors of the Kick-Float-Kick method in the UK.

"One of the most magical and excited things I've ever done is go scuba diving and swim along with turtles by a beautiful coral reef." - Silvia

“The most critical line of defence is adult supervision. No level of aquatic skill can replace active supervision.”

I brought my daughter Emily to ISA on Sundays at 10.30, and she is being coached by Sylvia since September. I could see from the first lesson that Emily would really progress under Sylvia. I love how Sylvia has the creative lessons designed and planned, and she also makes sure that the element of fun is not left out. She makes use of various techniques and equipment, and maintains a friendly attitude even if the learner is taking some time to learn. Even when Sylvia is teaching a group, she makes sure that every child gets individual attention. Overall, I would like to say that ISA has an amazing atmosphere which is engaging, and each 30 minute lesson is very fruitful.

I am lucky to find Sylvia as a swimming instructor for my daughter, and I just want to thank her for her countless amazing efforts.

Julia and daughter Emily

Silvia & Miguel,

Words cannot express my gratitude to the both of you for the excellent work yo have done for Noah.
He changed from a boy who hated water on his face and eyes to one who can swim prowerfully across the pool, with different techniques in his repertoire and with confidence too.

Thank you so much for your patience and firmness.

Rose and son Noah

I also wanted you to know all my friends are amazed at what Cameron has been able to achieve.  I only wish more people would prepare their children for the unknown water can bring!  I feel so much better about Cam walking around the Serpentine, and the boating lake at Regents…He is ALL boy, rough and tumble, and one of these days, I am certain he will plop in the water unexpectedly!  I can’t thank you enough, because now he will react instead of panic.

Cameron's Parents

I am utterly amazed by the progress that David has made through the swimming coaching lessons provided by Miguel. I took David for a lesson on Saturday, and I could not help me noticing that he was smiling throughout the lesson and was surprisingly willing to dip his face in the water with complete confidence and courage. He was willing to jump in the water, swam pretty well and looked happy throughout. Miguel is amazing, and if it was up to me, I would give him a bonus!

Amber and son David

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