We’re hugely grateful to our outstanding ambassadors for their support. Sporting greats themselves, they know first hand the power that sport has to change lives.

Our Ambassadors are influential supporters of the Academy, who share our passion for the grassroots mission. They are actively involved in projects and help us by promoting and raising awareness for the work we do right around the world.




Irina Rodríguez, born in 1977, from Barcelona, Spain is a professional athlete from 1987 to 2010. Component of the National Synchronized Swimming Absolute Team from 1992 to 2010.Synchronized swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance, and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (either solos, duets, trios, combos, or teams) performing a synchronised routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.

Synchronised swimming demands advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater.

Put simply, it is a sport for tough characters. Irina started her adventure at the age of 10 and her career has been just amazing until her retirement.

Now she continues her passion training what she has learnt to the new generations in Spain, Argentina and Mexico...


• Silver Medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

• Olympic Diploma at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

• Silver medals at the 2002 European Swimming Championships (Berlin), 2004 (Madrid), 2006 (Budapest) and 2010 (Budapest).

• Gold medal at the 2008 European Swimming Championships (Eindhoven).

• Silver medals at the World Swimming Championships of 2003 (Barcelona), 2005 (Montreal), 2007 (Melbourne) and 2009 (Rome).

• Gold Medal at the World Swimming Championships in Rome 2009.