ISA Certified Instructors

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Xavier Saporta

I would absolutely recommend training with ISA because it is not just swim instruction that they provide it is an entire knowledge about children behaviour and how to approach to parents to build a very special relationship between all of us: instructor, students and parents. They are not only my mentors, but I am honoured to say that they are my friends for life!


Diana Daly

Hi, my name is Diana Daly, I’m founder of Diana’s Swim Academy based in Limerick, Ireland, and I teach and inspire babies, toddlers, children and adults to overcome their knowledge gaps and fears so they can master the life-saving skill of swimming with enjoyment, confidence and ease. Working with thousands of students of all abilities on a one-to- one basis over the last number of years, I’m an expert in the areas of swimming teaching and coaching.

Suhaila Tucker

I have a passion for swimming. Coming from Bermuda the ocean has always been a big part of my life. In 2015 I obtained my qualification for swim teaching after 3 years of lifeguarding and performed my first lessons for adults within two months. I loved it and
respected the effort to learn a valuable life skill. Teaching children has been a different ballgame and
just as fun. My favourite stage to teach has been the "Swim like a shark" stage, It is amazing to see these little people physically apply themselves and improve within the short amount of time that they do. The goal is to have as many children as I can swimming safely and happily!