Before and after the lessons, what do I need to know?

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Arriving on time

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time of your lesson.
  • Allow plenty of time to get your child changed, to go to the toilet, to settle down etc.
  • In case of coming late to the lesson, the instructor will offer you the remaining time of your lesson only, as most of our lessons are back to back.

Before the lessons


  • Take a shower before the lesson to give skin a quick clean before entering the pool and to help with the change in body temperature.
  • Creams or lotions should only be applied at this time if medically necessary.

No recommended

  • Please avoid your child having playtime before the lesson as the child may be very tired by the time the lesson starts.
  • As we operate via third party pool rentals, we are unable to offer the option for children to play in the pool before or after their lessons.

After the lessons


  • Take a shower after the lesson to wash off the chlorine from your child’s hair and body.
  • For health and safety reasons, we can’t have hairdryers at every location.
  • We recommend you to check the “Location” section on this website for more information about the changing room facilities at each venue.
  • Moisturise the skin, particularly if your child has any sensitivities.
  • Wrap babies and toddlers in a towel from head to toe for a few minutes straight after the lessons (before showering) in order to maintain body heat.
  • Little ones use lots of energy in the process of learning to swim. Find a calm space for your child to relax and their body to regulate.
  • Dry off your child’s hair using a towel and use a winter hat if necessary during the winter time
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