ISA will open their doors to you !!!!

This means you will have the opportunity to share some of the secrets of their success in delivering 100% successful swimming lessons from babies to adults- directly from the ISA Founders and Master Instructors themselves.

At ISA, we are very proud of how we have implemented the American Roll Over and Float technique into our personal program; developing a unique way of teaching that helps children as young as 6 months old become safe swimmers for life. We have children with special needs such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome achieving the same results as all the other children in our Basic program. What we don’t teach, is drown-proofing.

ISA is currently the only European institution where you can learn this technique. A few years ago, we went to the USA to study the way they have been teaching this skill for many years. We came back to implement it in a European setting, with no real support, because we didn’t have the opportunity to find something like this close to home that is why we really want you to make things easier for you. You will be saving your own time, a huge financial investment, and will benefit from nearby support by studying here, with us.


It's likely that you'll already be a swimming school owner, or an experienced swimming expert, although that isn't essential. You just need to be passionate about working with children and be motivated by making a difference in so many lives.

During the ISA Way Seminar you will learn some of the most important key points to show you EXACTLY how, based in London, we are teaching hundreds of  children every week, and we can contribute in making a huge difference in a lot of families teaching their children how to enjoy the water safely, for life.

And now you will probably be thinking: “Well, this is all nice stuff, but this isn’t for me, I already know how to teach babies to move with floats around the pool” or " babies get traumatised when learning this skill". Let us tell you something; every child as young as 6 month, should have the right to access to water safety education and you can be the difference in your local area. We teach this skill in a way that compliments the child's development and work with their natural abilities to be safer in the water.

Every year a high number of children under 5 years drown. Even in the UK, and most of these accidents could be preventable. This is why we need your help to make the water a safer place for children as young as 6 months.




We are Silvia García and Miguel Jerez, Co-Founders of International Swimming Academy, and for more than a decade we have been teaching different swimming methods around the world to ultimately develop a unique blend of enjoyable swimming skills that inspire children with our passion and love for the water, and help them to reach their full potential in becoming a strong, happy swimmer.

Miguel Jerez says: "...After many years of teaching more conventional swimming approaches it is now when we really feel we are helping children to get independence and a real confidence in the water and that is why we would like to share with you our very powerful strategy to success".

In this event we are going to prove to you that any swimming school, coach, or any child-orientated, passionate person who is ready to implement this important life-saving skill into their curriculum, can move their teaching to the next level and contribute to our cause to help more families become safer in the water, and spread the message across the country.



We will blow your mind! Understanding how children move to the touch and how important is to hold the child in a specific way to send the right message to the right body part, at the right time.


Mindset is 80% of success. Positive reinforcement is the key to effectively communicating with babies and children.


You will have the opportunity to have in-water training on the points covered in the classroom.


For the first time in the UK, we will introduce our 4-week ISA QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR TRAINING  and we will sponsor just a few spaces. We really need more swimming schools and coaches supporting our mission of keeping CHILDREN SAFE in and around the water. You can make a difference, and contribute to spreading this skill across the world. But, you must be at the seminar in October in order to be selected for this opportunity.


If you haven't registered yet, do it here NOW


*Please note: this day won’t cover how to teach babies how to turn and float as it is a whole learning process that it needs to be built in approximately 20 lessons. If you are looking to learn this skill, you can book one of our ISA qualified instructor-training courses (4 weeks training- please contact us for more details on this specific course) showing interest at



Training with ISA was the best decision I have made. Words can't express what the experience meant to me. I have a passion for working with children and I always wanted to train with the very best and most experienced instructors. Silvia and Miguel are the perfect combination that allows you to learn from their slightly different teaching styles. They teach you “piece by piece” breaking down each skill simply, and by the time you are finished you can put the puzzle together.I was able to stay, observe, participate in and lead swimming classes.No questions remained unanswered and one great thing I really enjoyed was the water pictures and videos they have been taken of me and been provided to me with full rights.


I would absolutely recommend training with ISA because it is not just swim instruction that they provide it is an entire knowledge about children behaviour and how to approach to parents to build a very special relationship between all of us: instructor, students and parents. They are not only my mentors, but I am honoured to say that they are my friends for life!


DIANA DALY from Ireland

This course is a live changing experience course. If you want to go to the next level, if you want to have an extra knowledge about swimming if you want to teach children really to be safer you have to do this course. This is so different to any course I have done it before and I have done so many of them and it is amazing so if you are looking for people who will teach you to become a more experienced teacher with different approaches and quicker achievement result so you have to go to ISA.

Silvia and Miguel 3

"If you don't know how to teach young children how to float you've got to come and see us. We can guarantee it will open your eyes and leave you wondering if only I'd learnt this sooner".

Miguel Jerez & Silvia Garcia - CEO, International Swimming Academy


Where is the ISA Way Seminar?

The Isa Way Seminar takes place at the Queen Elisabeth Jubilee School in London, UK W9 3LG

What time is the ISA Way Seminar?

The Isa Way Seminar is hold on the 22-10-17, the registration is at 8:45 am scheduled to finish at 18:00pm. Remember, being early means to be on time, being on time means to be late, being late is unacceptable.

How much is the investment for this day?

We really want you to have the opportunity to know some of our secrets for a reasonable price. The Isa Way Seminar price today is £87 for the people who apply before 10-10-17. After this day the regular price is £497

How many people can get in the ISA Way seminar?

As you can imagine, this special opportunity cannot be open to everyone. It will be open to a small group of selected 10 individuals with the same passion for teaching children how to enjoy the water safely, the same desire for personal growth, and an aspiration to create an impact on the swimming education world. Why all of this selection? ISA really believe in linking the right energies together to ensure the best experience for everybody. To guarantee only the right people get in the close circle.

How can I apply for the ISA Way Seminar?

If you are interested in attending the ISA way seminar on the 22-10-17 click on the green button below to apply for it, answering the questions. After receiving your personal contact details, we will contact you with a link to make an online payment only if you fit the ISA criteria to fit in the Inner Circle.

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