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Our ISA swimming programs set us apart from most other Swim Schools in the UK because at the core of every class is our sole focus on teaching your little one to be a FUNTASTIC, safe, confident and independent swimmer. We offer lessons from just 2 months old onwards!

We have combined more than 13 years of industry experience, from several different countries, with the best programs out there to create a method that sets the industry standard for swimming lessons, teaching a comprehensive set of critical water skills to all.

We love what we do and we haven’t met a single student we couldn’t teach. All abilities are welcome (Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy…) – we leave no student behind!


At ISA our beginner programs are designed to deliver the necessary skills of safety and independence to swimmers as well as help parents understand how to conduct their child in the water for a promising swimming future. This program introduces floating, the most important to step to swimming unaided and progresses onto propulsion, the physical aspect of kicking to move themselves.

The beginner programmes are not limited to teaching children to float, the parent and baby course is important for parents who want to prepare their children to swim by having parents understand correct positioning in the water as well as provide useful exercises to have some fun with their children in water.

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The intermediate programs are for confident dolphins who have mastered the basic program and are ready to delve into the more technical side of swimming. Body position, introduction to arm movement and swimming to different depths are all skills learned in the intermediate programs and prove to be fun amongst children.

Children explore a more physically demanding side of swimming in the intermediate programme which is great as it relates to all sports and they become accustomed to further distances.


From about 3,5 years old , once your child has gone through the Beginner and Intermediate Programs and the swimmer can demonstrate the KICK-FLOAT-KICK efficiently and independently is time to SWIM LIKE AN OLYMPIC SWIMMER. In this course your child will learn all the principle swimming strokes: Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly through 5 different enjoyable swimming levels.

We introduce them to Snorkelling and they love it! as they can use the mask and the tube during their holidays time.


Every term we celebrate our swimmers's achievements with medals and awards.

A real water confident child is the one who is not goggle's dependent that's why our programs encourage them to swim with and without goggles, swimming cap and even with street clothes to make sure they will be safe in any swimming pool around the world!

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We can capture your lessons on camera for you to keep and have proud, lovely memories forever!

Silvia & Miguel, Words cannot express my gratitude to the both of you for the excellent work yo have done for Noah. He changed from a boy who hated water on his face and eyes to one who can swim prowerfully across the pool, with different techniques in his repertoire and with confidence too. Thank you so much for your patience and firmness.
Rose and son Noah

I also wanted you to know all my friends are amazed at what Cameron has been able to achieve.  I only wish more people would prepare their children for the unknown water can bring!  I feel so much better about Cam walking around the Serpentine, and the boating lake at Regents…He is ALL boy, rough and tumble, and one of these days, I am certain he will plop in the water unexpectedly!  I can’t thank you enough, because now he will react instead of panic.

Cameron's Parents

I am utterly amazed by the progress that David has made through the swimming coaching lessons provided by Miguel. I took David for a lesson on Saturday, and I could not help me noticing that he was smiling throughout the lesson and was surprisingly willing to dip his face in the water with complete confidence and courage. He was willing to jump in the water, swam pretty well and looked happy throughout. Miguel is amazing, and if it was up to me, I would give him a bonus!

Amber and son David

I brought my daughter Emily to ISA on Sundays at 10.30, and she is being coached by Sylvia since September. I could see from the first lesson that Emily would really progress under Sylvia. I love how Sylvia has the creative lessons designed and planned, and she also makes sure that the element of fun is not left out. She makes use of various techniques and equipment, and maintains a friendly attitude even if the learner is taking some time to learn. Even when Sylvia is teaching a group, she makes sure that every child gets individual attention. Overall, I would like to say that ISA has an amazing atmosphere which is engaging, and each 30 minute lesson is very fruitful.

I am lucky to find Sylvia as a swimming instructor for my daughter, and I just want to thank her for her countless amazing efforts.

Julia and daughter Emily

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