Meet Yasmine

Yasmine became part of the ISA team after starting out as a parent of one of our swimmers. A real ISA advocate! She was chosen for her natural ability to put people at ease and a smile on everyone’s face.

Yasmine has completed her STA Baby and Preschool Award, her Safety Award for Teachers and has completed both an intensive Water Safety, 4-week ISA Qualified Instructor Training course in Spain and on-going In-House Training with the rest of the ISA Team.

I feel so honoured I now have the opportunity to also learn this skill and that I will be able to give families the peace of mind and joy that swimming with ISA has given my son. I have two teenage daughters who have been attending conventional swimming lessons for a long time. After watching some videos on the internet where babies were floating, I really wanted my third child,  believe it or not his name is Isa, to learn how to rollback-and float in the pool.  I always thought that I would stop the programme when Isa had learned how to float but after seeing how much he was improving and how impressed all the swimming instructors and lifeguards at the local pool were, I couldn’t take this gift away from Isa. He started at 2 years old and now at 4, he is learning Front Crawl breathing”