International Swimming Academy in Kenya

EVERY CHILD NO MATTER WHERE THEY WERE BORN HAS THE RIGHT TO ACCESS TO EDUCATION AND LIFE SAVING SKILLS. International Swimming Academy along with the non profit organisation H Giving founded by Eric Ho are committed to provide children out there in Kenya with a brighter future.

World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals sad global statistics of 40 people who drown every hour in Kenya. Over half of all drownings in Kenya are among those aged below 25 years. In addition, drowning kills more children than measles or tuberculosis! Drowning in Kenya also occurs in dams, swimming pools, lakes, the ocean, wells, flood water and even buckets or bath tubs, in the case of babies.

Our hero Miguel Angel Jerez in a volunteering mission taught over 30 children HOW TO FLOAT and HOW TO BE SAFE in and around the water in only 4 days.

MASSIVE THANK YOU to H Giving ,Eric Ho and every single one of the VOLUNTEERS who made the dream a reality.

International Swimming Academy SPONSORED a swimming pool, the delivery of water, chemicals to treat the water, their water safety knowledge and the project of a 3000L water tank to help the community to collect raining water and provide a solution to water scarcity.

If you would like to contribute into any of the projects that H Giving is running in Kenya any small contribution has a long way to go. For more information http://www.hgiving.com/

International Swimming Academy in Spain

ISA was interviewed in Spain by the Channel 4 News. It was the second ISA edition teaching children how to enjoy the water safely in this specific area of the country, Castilla La Mancha. It was a great opportunity for more than 23 families, most of them with a backyard swimming pool so to have an extra layer of protection for their children is a must for them.

ISA took advantage of this swimming course to launch their first and exclusive ISA qualified instructor training to teach other schools, professionals and passionate individuals how to implement our ISA programs within their own ones.

ISA is probably the first academy in Europe and in some other countries to deliver this kind of training where children as young as 6 months can learn how to be an independent and safe swimmer without using any flotation device. Children can demonstrate the ability to swim with the face in the water, turn to a back floating position for resting and breathing to keep swimming into a safe point.

Most of those training courses are hold in the USA with a difficult access from Europe so ISA is bringing an amazing opportunity to all the people motivated about making a big, real difference in some others children's lives turning them into a safe swimmers for life.

International Swimming Academy in Mexico

This is what ISA loves! Help children all around the world to love and enjoy water in the safest possible way.

World wide there are people of all ages who can't swim. Children, adults and even senior citizens, regardless of how many swimming lessons taken, often never develop the true confidence needed to fully experience and enjoy the wonders of water activities.

In many cases, children are sadly being left behind in swimming classes, losing motivation and falling out of love with the idea of swimming – for good. For us there isn't a better satisfaction that change one life at the time.

We want to introduce you to Denise and her family. We helped her to overcome the number 1 fear of her life, feel confident with the face in the water and learning how to confidently float it took us only around 20 minutes to change this aspect of her life in the beautiful crystal clear Caribbean water.