Advanced Level "Squads"

Main Outcome - Strengthen distance, stamina, rhythm and timing in all 4 strokes, competitive swimming, medleys (combining all 4 strokes), competitive tumble turns

Squad Learn to swim like a pro

In the Squad level, your child will learn how to work out turn-around times using the pace clock and lane etiquette, together with all the different turns, including Individual Medley. Stroke technique will be further emphasised and drills will be introduced and advanced with increasing distances, along with further progressions aiding a better understanding of technique.

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It is very common for children taking ISA lessons to be in the top swimming group at school.

How long it will take for my child to learn?

Children who started our beginner level with us as babies will likely be at the Squads level by the time they are around 5 – 6 years old, although they may be older when they reach this stage due to differences in developmental speeds. Swimmers at the Squad level are given the opportunity to attend  our Friendly Swimming Gala, participating in the 25 metres exercise in all the 4 traditional swimming strokes.

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Silvia & Miguel,

Words cannot express my gratitude to the both of you for the excellent work you have done for Noah.
He changed from a boy who hated water on his face and eyes to one who can swim powerfully across the pool, with different techniques in his repertoire and with confidence too.

Thank you so much for your patience and firmness.

Rose and son Noah



This programme is a very valuable service to have, especially for children of special needs that can not take part in mainstream swimming classes. The level of immersion works really well in combination with the care and sensitivity they have for all the children. This method of teaching shows that anyone can learn to swim, no matter what age or ability!


Tracey and son Isaiah


We are absolutely thrilled with JJ's progress with ISA!

JJ had done a lot of the programme while in Australia but we couldn't find a good swimming school in the UK. So it had been 2 years since his last lesson when he started with ISA. He was very scared of water at the beginning and he used to cling to his instructor... Seeing him, after just one term, floating, swimming and looking forwards to coming to swimming lessons is remarkable! Thank you!

Danielle and son Jeffrey


To the ISA team,

William and Finn were camping with their dad in Cornwall last weekend. Chris just texted to say that William was climbing on some rocks by the water, slipped and accidentally, he fell into the water. Immediately rolled onto his back, starfish! then, onto his front and kicked to the shore. He is ok.


What would we do without ISA?

Caroline and son William


We have been with ISA over a year now and cannot praise the teachers enough! 

Our 2 boys have had lessons with all four different teachers who have all been equally caring and firm when required. The technique itself is also very unique with the emphasis on floating early on which gives parents the peace of mind around pools on holidays. The boys now love coming back for lessons and are very comfortable in the water.


Anis and sons Selim & Sami


We are very happy!

It is always easy to speak to the team with questions, concerns or suggestions and we always get a quick and suitable response...! I was very impressed watching the instructor in-house training to understand more details about your approach.



Linda and daughter Sofia


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ISA Friendly swimming gala

ISA Friendly Swimming gala