Meet The Team of Super Heroes

MIGUEL JEREZ International Swimming Academy

Miguel Jerez

"The Invincible"
The dreamer, with a super power to “love” things into happening and makes sure everything is ok.
SILVIA GARCIA International Swimming Academy

Silvia Garcia

“The Positivity Bringer”
Her super-positivity turns even the darkest of situations into something that is entirely possible!
XAVI SAPORTA International Swimming Academy

Xavi Saporta

“Lightening Man”
He moves like the speed of light from place to place, always being wherever we need him to be!

Heather Orihuela

“The Processor”
She takes all the ideas and information and gets it where it needs to go, at super speed!

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Yasmine Hassan-Ali

“The Rainbow”
We needed somebody to express our joy, our fun, our magic and our power. And "The Rainbow" did that.

Sharif Akbik

“The Solution Finder”
He turns problems into the best solutions -  in no time!

Yaiza Bolea

“The Organiser ”
She can organise anything! Just tell her what you need done and watch her go....
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Adria Blanco

“The Joker”
The sense of humor for the team and our little dolphins. Always getting us laughing in any situation!