Parents, you are responsible for the safety of yourself, your child(ren)and any other children with you in entirety-aside from we take your child out of your hands and into the water as part of the scheduled training exercise until the lesson finishes and we return them to you. We do not assume responsibility for you, your children, or any other visitor that may be with you at the lesson. This includes children waiting for their lessons, dressing after lessons, and any other children you may have brought to the pool. All siblings and guests must remain at your side. There is NO RUNNING allowed around the pool. Playing on the steps, or swimming in the pool before or after the lesson is forbidden. Each individual pool has its own health and safety rules to be followed. You will be reminded of any specific rules at your location when you begin and at the beginning of each subsequent term.



We heavily rely on the information we are given regarding your child’s health and any conditions/allergies etc. your child may have, that you will provide in completing the Registration Form. Please advise your Instructor beforethey enter the water if your child has had any signs of illness, injuries, or taken any type of medication in the past 24 hours. Please see point 12: Cancelling a Lesson for Illness, for further information on swimming and sickness.



Do not feed your child for at least 2 hours before their class is scheduled to begin. Whole fruits with skins and milk-based products, in particular, are not recommended as they are not easily digested and can be brought back up with just a strong burp. This includes blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apples, pineapple, tangerines, celery andother similar foods. Recommended foods for earlier in the day include rice, applesauce, toast, crackers, Cheerios, rice dream and water. This is important advice to follow as failure to follow these instructions may cause your child to vomit and could lead to closure of the pool due to contamination concerns. Your child may eat as normal after their lesson.



Swimming is the ability to rely on yourself for your own safety in deep water. Swimming independently in the water is adifferent skill than swimming strokes such as Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly.

From around 1 year old, children can learn how to develop the independent Swim-Float-Swim technique. Then from 3-5 years old, when the child is physically strong enough, they can learn traditional swimming strokes.

The Basic Programmeusuallytakes around 20 lessons to complete. Most children learn in 4-5 weeks for an intensive course, around 10 weeks with lessons twice a week, and around a term with one lesson per week.

Do not be alarmed if your child is not progressing as quickly as another child. Just as children do not walk or talk at the same time, each child will progress in their own time.

If your child has been using armbands, a life jacket, a swim trainer bathing suit, or any other flotation device, while taking part in regular swimming lessons, your child may take a little longer to progress as we will need to undo any previously learnt bad habits before we can teach the new, correct postures.

Once your child has completed basic training (around 20 lessons), they will be ready to start mastering the Swim-Float-Swim sequence, then (if they are at the correct age) they will begin with the swimming strokes.



No child can ever be drown-proofed. However, children who possess basic swimming/survival skills have a significantly higher chance of surviving an accidental fall, as it could buy valuable time for a supervising adult to come to the rescue. No child should ever be left unsupervised around water.



Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time of your lesson. Allow plenty of time to get your child changed, to go to toilet etc. Your lesson time begins at your scheduled time. If you arrive late, we can only give you the remainder of your lesson time.

All children who are not toilet trained must wear a reusable “swim nappy”. Disposable swim nappies trap air which can interfere with balance and aid flotation, so are therefore unsuitable for this programme. The reusable swim nappy should have elastic around the legs and waist tight enough to prevent any leaks or “accidents” from contaminating the pool. These are available for purchase for £10 at the pool. Please let us know in advance if you would like to buy one so that we can ensure we have the correct size available for you.

We hold termly“clothes check outs” where we will ask you to bring summer or winter clothes (that you don’t mind going into the pool!) and a regular nappy.



Swimming lessons in the Basic Programmeare approximately 10 minutes in length. You can choose how many lessons you would like to attend per week. Consistency has proven to be an important ingredient to success with this programme, so we recommend at least 2 lessons per week. Lesson time may be slightly shorter if the Instructor sees any signs of temperature fatigue. Short, constant repetitions yield better results than longer lessons.

The Instructors will advise you when your child is ready to move into the next level (this depends on age, as well as ability).

*See point 13 for terms and conditions of make-upsessions.



Babies are not born knowing how to swim or float, they need to be given the right instruction to master these skills in order to be safer around water.

Our course is not an introduction to water course, it is a swimming course that teaches children and babies to float and swim independently in approximately 20 lessons. That’s why we only teach children from around 6 months onwards, as babies mostly move using reflexes before this time, such as the Moro, Epiglottal, swimming and diving reflexes. We need children to be moving in a controlled way, such as crawling and rolling over, otherwise teaching would be counterproductive. We run Parent and Baby courses from 2 months as an introduction to the water, where parents are allowed in the pool.

The requirements for entering the Basic Programme are:

  • Aged around 6 months+
  • Rolling over; particularly from face down onto their backs
  • Reach with their arms
  • Strong enough to push themselves up

We teach children how to be safe, confident, independent swimmers who can enjoy the water, splashing around, playing and having fun.

The specific, unique method we use is based on child psychology and behavioural principles.

Our dedicated, highly trained Instructors have over 160 hours of in-water training with over 200 children in both the UK and USA. This method is suitable for children with mental, physical disabilities, as well as any other disability or condition. We would just require doctor and parental approval to participate in ISA swimming programmes.

-We do not use or recommend the use of floats, noodles, or any other floating aid.

Children learn from their own experiences and feelings in the water, they put their faces in to get ready to swim. If your child has been using armbands and/or has been taught incorrect positioning, we will need to undo these bad habits before we can teach the new ones.

-We don’t use the Ready Go cue or any other commands as the children learn to control their breath by themselves from the very beginning.

-We don’t teach children to blow bubbles in the water as we want them to hold the air inside to float and swim independently. We teach correct breathing at a more appropriate and advanced stage when learning strokes.

-We DO NOT push or throw the children into the water. From the first moment they enter the water, they are taught the correct swimming position. Once the child has learnt the skills, the Instructor recreates an accidental falling in scenario (A Winter Clothes Check out E.g. Going in wearing jacket, trouser, shoes etc.)

-We teach the children to orientate themselves in the water with their eyes open. They learn to swim without goggles on as we don’t want them to become goggles-dependent.

-No parents or guardians are allowed in the water during the Basic Programme. However, we will teach you how to enjoy the water with your child without undoing any progress they have made so far



Please bring 2 towels or 1 large towel for your child to lay on to rest after the lesson. Little ones use lots of energy in the process of learning to swim and will likely need a rest when the lesson finishes.



We don’t want the child to initially associate the water with the love, attention and affection of their parents. It takes a lot of concentration and objectivity to teach the child how to respond to an aquatic emergency, and research shows that parents often find it too difficult to be objective, effective teachers with their own children.

We do, however, offer the possibility to get into the water with us so we can teach you how to enjoy the water with your child while supporting the learning of the programme. Please ask a Customer Service Advisor to arrange this session for you.

Our Parent and Baby classes are different, in that they are an introduction to the water. It is highly unlikely the children would learn to swim or float independently until they begin the Basic Programme.


  1. CAN I TAKE PICTURES OR VIDEOS?             

Yes (at most locations)! Kids to love to watch themselves! Even if they are crying, it sometimes helps them overcome it more quickly. Please be aware that this may not always be possible due to stricter policies regarding photos at certain locations.



Although consistency of attendance is important, there are times when the lesson should be cancelled. Please see below some circumstances when your child should NOT be swimming.

  • FEVER over 37.8 –Resume in 24 hours
  • VOMITING OR DIARRHEA –Resume in 48 hours
  • CONTAGIOUS DISEASES (Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis, Strep Throat etc.). CROUP (Dry cough), WHEEZING–Resume in 24/48 hours
  • OTITIS EXTERNA-RequiresDoctor’s approval
  • SEIZURE-Requires Doctor’s written permission to swim

If you change your mind and decide you do not want to go ahead with a trial lesson or a pay as you go lesson we can rearrange your lesson if you give us at least 24 hour’s notice during the same swimming term. The admin fee to rearrange your new lesson is £12. We cannot refund payment for a trial cancellation for any reason on your side, or due to circumstances beyond our control e.g. pool closure, however we will rearrange another slot at the earliest mutually convenient time.


Your term pack (up to 15 weeks,depending on the school calendar)trial session or Pay as you Go session doesn't include ANY make up lessons. If you know in advance that you are going to miss some lessons, you have two options if you would like your child to the full number of lessons to complete the term:

OPTION 1- You can upgrade your term pack to get up to "2 make up lesson pack” for £40(£20per session, includes VAT)or buy“single make up lesson” for £20(Includes VAT, see below for details of when you can buy 1 or 2 make up lessons) to be used within the term dates.

Please read below important information regarding of how these make up lessons work.

  • You are only entitled to use the “2 make up lesson” pack to make up for 2 lessons you have missed or will definitely miss.
  • Make up lessons will only be available during our “Off Peak” hours.
  • You are entitled to buy the “2 make up lesson pack” if you buy a course of more than7 lessons (of a 14 or 15-week course) or 6 lessons (of a 12 or 13-week course)
  • You are entitled to buy the “single make up lesson” option if you buy a course of 6 lessons or less(of a 14 or 15-week course) or 5lessonsor less(of a 12 or 13-week course)
  • The off peak times to arrange make up sessions may change from term to term. Off peak times for Spring term 2019 are Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 5:40 and Sundays from 8:00 to 8:30 am and 12:00 to 12:30pm at the Maida Vale swimming pool for children aged 4+. Saturdays from 6:30pm at the pool located at Vanessa Nursery School. We may change those off peak times depending on new customer's demand. Please contact us to check availability before buying any make up classes.
  • If you know the dates you will miss at the beginning of the term, you can book your make up sessions in advance during the off peak hours, if you wish. Please bear in mind that you must let us know before you book your make up class what the dates of the regular lessons you are missing will be.
  • Make up lessons can only be arranged 15 days prior the date you want to schedule because for ISA it is impossible to know the availability for the timetable in advanced as we book new swimmers all over the term.
  • We understand that it is not always possible to know in advance, so if your child is unwell and you miss a lesson, you can always buy your make up lesson after the fact.
  • All your makeup sessions must be used before the expiry date on your enrolment email or the end of term (depending on which programme you have purchased) and cannot be transferred over to the next term as regular lessons or otherwise
  • If,for some reason you have changed your mind and you will attend the lesson you previously said you won't be attending,please remember that you will no longer be able to schedule a make up lesson for that class and may be charged a Pay as You Go rate (£40 inclusive of VAT)if you have already attended you make up lesson and do not miss another lesson during the term. Make up sessions are created for the purpose of making up for missed lessons. They can't be used as an "extra lesson". If you would like to accelerate the learning process, you can buy "Pay as You Go" lesson, join any of our Crash Courses during school holidays or book a double 10 minute private session (£60 inclusive of VAT).•Your makeup lessons will be held in the format of a 10 minute private class. For example, if you normally have a 30-minute 321 lesson or 20-minute 221 lesson, we could only offer a 10-minute 121 because of the limited pool availability that we have.
  • Make up lessons are non-refundable or reschedulable. If you do not show up for the session, it will be considered as one make-up session delivered from your allowance of 1 or 2.
  • If you have purchased the Basic Programme 20 lesson pack, please keep in mind that any lessons booked after the expiry date (the last day of your 20 lessons as outlined in your enrolment email), will be charged as extra lessons at the “Pay as You Go” rate. If you are unsure of when this date is, please contact a Customer Service Advisor for confirmation before your lessons end.

OPTION 2- If over the term you would like to boost your child’s progress you can always buy extra lessons as a "Pay as you Go" session for £40per session(VAT included)or a double 10 minute private session for £60 (VAT included)We may occasionally run special promotions or discounts for a limited time during the term. If you would like to get the benefit of a special price make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be notify of our promotions.



Children need updates; not because they will forget their skills, but because they will outgrow them. Especially during the first two years of life, babies’ rapid growth causes their centre of gravity to shift, which affects their ability to float. These lessons are similar to seeing the health visitor and doctor for their check-ups as they grow. It also continues to build confidence. Leaving the programme before your child is completely water-confident may result in a fear of the water. Consistency is key.



Payment is due24 hours before the first lesson. Payment is to be made in full by the date outlined in your confirmation email. Failure to do so by this date may result in your slot being given to another family. We will send you details on how to pay after you have completed both the Registration form and have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

The initial programme consists of 20 lessons to be completed within 1 term(where there is availability and you are able to come multiple times per week). If your child learns the full SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM sequence in less time, we can convert the remaining Basic sessions into Intermediate sessions. We also offer a Term Pack version of the Basic Programme for those attending just once per week.


Please do not book any trial session, pay as you go session or enter your child into this programme unless you fully intend on completing the entire learning process.

All payments are non-refundable. All agreements are made on the payment basis and do not rely on the conditions or locations of the following term to be valid.

Once your child begins lessons, the balance paid cannot be refunded if you withdraw your child.

It may take several weeks for your child to work through his/her feelings about the water and leaving could make a child feel unduly anxious about his/her lack of ability.



Once you have enrolled onto the course, you may make one change to your course day/time/location etc. An admin fee may be applied in cases where you change your course details multiple times, request access to specific information or ask for a specific course requirement that incurs extra costs to the company. It can vary from around £10-£50 depending on the factors involved in your request. Please ask for an estimated cost based on your request.



Children are all different; some take to strangers easily, some don’t. The water is an added dimension to this. It may take your baby/child a while to adapt to this new situation.

Most children cry at some point during the lessons. Some only for the first few lessons, some throughout the programme. Even as they cry, they are still learning the skills.

Crying is the fastest form of communication for children, even in children who can already speak. They know that if they cry, their parent will try to do something to stop them crying as soon as possible. We pay attention to the crying and get to know your child to encourage them. Please don’t be alarmed by the crying. In most cases, crying is due to the baby/child not being in control of the lesson. Crying can also be due to the frustration of learning a new sensorimotor skill. When children first learn to walk, ride a bike, or use a scooter, there are often tears along the way, for various reasons, yet they don’t grow up to be afraid of walking, riding a bike or a scooter. It’s important to remember that they are not crying because they are hurt, afraid or being forced to do something they are not capable of doing.

Remember, we are all doing everything we can to make it a safe and pleasant experience for you and your child. Please see point 18 for more detailed guidance for parents.


Many parents of preschool age children, particularly verbal toddlers can find the first several days of lessons quite challenging. It’s not uncommon for older children to announce that they “don’t want to” do what the Instructor asks, or they may call out for Mum or Dad before or during lessons. This is generally a reaction to the fact that the first few days of learning a new skill can be quite challenging, or that the child is not in control of the lesson. This period is usually brief, and these same children are often demonstrating how proud they are of their new skills, after just a few lessons.

It is very important that your child sees a positive reaction from you. Children take their cues on how to behave from their parents, so it’s essential that you show your enthusiasm, especially if your child is crying. Watch intently, smile and clap approvingly.

During lessons, we ask that you avoid saying anything instructional, like “Float on your back!” or “Swim to the wall!” even if it appears to you that the Instructor is working on that particular skill. Your Instructor needs your child’s complete attention throughout the lesson and hearing your instructions may be confusing for him/her.

After the lesson, when your child is resting on the towel, use the opportunity to talk to your child about how proud you are of what they achieved in that day’s lesson. Try to give specific examples, such as “You did a great job of getting onto your back and floating all by yourself!” or “I saw you holding onto the wall all by yourself!”-this will show your child how proud you are and will reinforce the concepts he/she is learning.




As a company, we hold Employers’ Liability and Public Liability Insurance.



Discounts such as block bookings and referrals may be given after examination on a case-by-case basis.



During half-terms and other school holidays, we run Intensive swimming courses of 4/5 days. We will advertise these in advance, fees are to be paid within 48 hours of booking and spaces are given on a first come, first served basis.



Parents are responsible of notifying us of any changes to their address, contact details, swimmer’s health condition, or if there is any change of care-giver. These, and any other relevant changes should be made in writing to info@internationalswimmingacademy.com where the Administration team can update records. The security and care of our pupils is of paramount importance to us. We conform to the 1998 Data Protection Act.



Before the end of the current term, we will contact you via email to begin the re-enrolment process, we ask you to respond promptly.



From time to time, International Swimming Academy may update these terms and conditions by sending you either an updated version, or a notification of minor changes. If you are not happy to accept these changes, please notify ISA in writing to info@internationalswimmingacademy.com of your non-acceptance within 14 days of receipt. Failing any such communication from you, we deem that you full accept our updated agreement terms.



Our aim is to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our service. In the unlikely event that you need to make a complaint, please email info@internationalswimmingacademy.com and we will contact you within 48 hours to try and resolve the issue.



In the event that the Instructor is unwell, and such is absent from the class, International Swimming Academy is within their rights to substitute another Instructor to cover that lesson and no credit will be given for this lesson.

If we are unable to provide a replacement Instructor and have to cancel the class, we will credit you with the lesson. This credited lesson can be used against future bookings. If you are not going to continue with lessons, we will give a refund on this occasion.

We will inform you of any changes outlined above via email and/or via text message. While all efforts will be made to give you 24 hours’ notice of these changes, please by aware that from time to time, this may not be possible.




Unless we contact you to say otherwise, our lessons will be going ahead regardless of the weather conditions. If you miss a make-up session arranged for that day due to the weather and we have not communicated any lesson cancellations, then it will count as one make up lesson delivered.



In the case that we cannot find a suitable match of swimmers for 321 or 221 classes by the second week of term, you will be given 2 options going forward:

  1. The class duration will be reduced to the ratio of 10 minutes per child participating
  2. Pay the difference to make it a private 30/20 minute class