Learning how to balance your body in the water is the key to learn how to swim

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Learning to float before they learn to stand is the easiest way to introduce swimming into their lives as they are already accustomed to the horizontal body position needed for floating and swimming.

Swimming is a necessary skill and can also be used as a fun introduction to other sports and important in physical and mental development.  Walking, better coordination, jumping, catching an object, balancing, or skipping a rope! The cardio­ vascular system is improved. They become smarter as thousands of brain connections are happening. They develop team role practices and their critical thinking and become problem solvers what help them to gain confidence and self esteem before learning bad habits about how the water works.


We are able to teach babies and toddlers using a sensory input and scientific motivational behaviour techniques. That’s our secret of success!


(from 2 months)

At International Swimming Academy we start teaching children to swim as little as 2 months.

This FUNTASTIC and interactive parent & baby course is where you can learn the most effective way to swim and play with your baby on the surface and below the water while ensuring their confidence and introducing water safety skills.

As well as the technical aspects of the course, it is important to us you experience the over whelming bonding experience and the opportunity to socialise with other parents.

Parents are given the choice of being in the water accompanying the instructor or remaining on dry land and encouraging their little one from poolside.

At ISA we pride ourselves on flexibility and are happy to try and accommodate your needs whatever they may be.





(from 6-12 months)

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At ISA our introduction to swimming starts with teaching our dolphins to float on their backs. Once our lifeguards feel your child can competently float on their own, rolling over in the water is implemented.

Learning how to turn and float has some amazing advantages. Your child, once able to float will become safer in the water to navigate themselves in any situation into a comfortable resting position as well as teaching them breath control and their own limits in the water.

Once satisfied with their ability to float the next step will be the "kick like a frog" program which focuses on the actual swimming.


->You can choose 10-minute or 20-minute lessons on a one to one basis.

->Attending 3-5 classes per week is the optimum frequency for your child to float within 1-2 months, however we understand this isn’t always possible and lessons once weekly will have your child floating in 1-2 terms, depending on consistency of attendance .



(from about 1 years onwards)

At this level our dolphins will learn how to transition from a back floating position to turning on their front and propelling themselves in the water with their legs.

This program introduces kicking to a child to learn how to use the KICK-FLOAT-KICK sequence, crucial to master their aquatic independence.

At ISA we recognise each child is special; different skill sets, different learning styles and different personalities, but we expect all children of all abilities to be able to complete this course. Our methodology works for everyone, including children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, as well as other disabilities or special requirements.


international swimming academy phase 2

->You can choose 10-minute or 20-minute lessons on a one to one basis.

->Attending 3-5 classes per week is the optimum frequency for your child to float within 1-2 months, however we understand this isn’t always possible and lessons once weekly will have your child floating in around 1-2 terms

->Completion of this program depends on child's age and consistency of attendance.



Floating like a starfish is a key stepping stone to water confidence, independent safe swimmers for life

Mum-Dad, get into the swim!!

Parents are a secret ingredient to the process, it is so important a parent cheerleads them during the lessons. Positivity gives the child the confidence to overcome their individual obstacles.

During lessons a child will look to their parents for encouragement and a sense of  achievement. So keep off the phone Dad!

Some of the younger students especially babies cry for the first few sessions. Understanding that crying is merely a way of communicating any number of things such as "I don't know this person holding me, mummy doesn't usually do this to me, this seems wrong"

but after they've stopped crying they think...

"this water is nice, I like splashing, look mummy I can float, I can do this on my own ha ha!"

We do our best to work around the child and the parents individual needs.

Some parents want their child to be pushed, some prefer a lighter approach, we always want the child to enjoy this swimming experience as well as their family.

Most parents learn a lot about their children that they didn’t know before. We love everything about what we do.  Very nice experience to share between the child, the parents.

"We just want to help everyone to safely and confidently have fun in water. After all the water is a theme park of fun".

international swimming academy about 2

When our starts learn how to roll over and float the ISA instructors invite parents to join us in the pool to learn how to make the swimming pool the perfect safe place to have fun!


Throughout the year we have special fun themed events where children, parents and teachers can have fun together, such as Super Hero classes, Halloween and Christmas parties and many more!


See our YouTube channel for past events, follow us on Facebook for our latest updates and events, or feel free to contact us as we’d love to hear from you!


Alternatively, please do try our  FAQ's page to help answer any questions you many have.


international swimming academy camera

We can capture your lessons on camera for you to keep and have proud, lovely memories forever!

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I am utterly amazed by the progress that David has made through the swimming coaching lessons provided by Miguel. I took David for a lesson on Saturday, and I could not help me noticing that he was smiling throughout the lesson and was surprisingly willing to dip his face in the water with complete confidence and courage. He was willing to jump in the water, swam pretty well and looked happy throughout. Miguel is amazing, and if it was up to me, I would give him a bonus!
Amber and son David

I brought my daughter Emily to ISA on Sundays at 10.30, and she is being coached by Sylvia since September. I could see from the first lesson that Emily would really progress under Sylvia. I love how Sylvia has the creative lessons designed and planned, and she also makes sure that the element of fun is not left out. She makes use of various techniques and equipment, and maintains a friendly attitude even if the learner is taking some time to learn. Even when Sylvia is teaching a group, she makes sure that every child gets individual attention. Overall, I would like to say that ISA has an amazing atmosphere which is engaging, and each 30 minute lesson is very fruitful.

I am lucky to find Sylvia as a swimming instructor for my daughter, and I just want to thank her for her countless amazing efforts.

Julia and daughter Emily

Silvia & Miguel,

Words cannot express my gratitude to the both of you for the excellent work yo have done for Noah.
He changed from a boy who hated water on his face and eyes to one who can swim prowerfully across the pool, with different techniques in his repertoire and with confidence too.

Thank you so much for your patience and firmness.

Rose and son Noah

I also wanted you to know all my friends are amazed at what Cameron has been able to achieve.  I only wish more people would prepare their children for the unknown water can bring!  I feel so much better about Cam walking around the Serpentine, and the boating lake at Regents…He is ALL boy, rough and tumble, and one of these days, I am certain he will plop in the water unexpectedly!  I can’t thank you enough, because now he will react instead of panic.

Cameron's Parents

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