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ISA experts have developed the perfect program combining years of experience in the swimming industry with the USA SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM method. Within just a few short lessons we can teach anyone from babies as young as 6 months, to struggling adults how to safely and confidently swim.

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In the UK and world wide there are people of all ages who can't swim. Children, adults and even senior citizens, regardless of how many swimming lessons taken, often never develop the true confidence needed to fully experience and enjoy the wonders of water activities. In many cases, children are sadly being left behind in swimming classes, losing motivation and falling out of love with the idea of swimming – for good.

The issue lies at the grass roots, most swimming schools and classes do not teach ‘Swim-Float-Swim’, a simple yet revolutionary swimming method that empowers confidence and courage in swimmers from the offset by teaching the most important water skill, the ability to float. This essential approach is becoming prevalent internationally, however it is yet to be adopted across the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The International Swimming Academy method sets the standard industry for swimming lessons by providing a comprehensive set of critical water skills to all students and we start lessons at 2 months!

The ISA programs have been developed as a result of combining years of experience in the swimming industry in different countries with the pioneering USA approach to change the way swimming lessons are taught.

Our ISA swimming programs set us apart from most of the other swimming schools in the UK and Europe  because at the core of every class is our sole focus on teaching your little ones to be a fantastic safe, confident and independent swimmer.

Why Swim-Float-Swim matters...

Over the 65 years Swim-Float-Swim has been taught we have heard countless stories where unattended babies fully clothed, have fallen in the water but luckily have been able to self-float on their backs and cry for help until a parent arrived. There are far too many swimming pools that have high edges so children can’t climb out of the water.

We successfully taught Penelope aged 3 to be a confident, safe an independent swimmer in just a few lessons.

"We don’t want to see any more talent go down the drain."

Our methodology can be used with  children with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or some others disabilities or special conditions.

It is sad to think that there are people in the world lack self confidence, who hide behind computer screens, who avoid water, who fall out of love with swimming.

In our opinion one of the greatest achievements and life skills for any child is the ability to swim with confidence and independence. Plus not forgetting the physical and mental benefits.

Achievement in sports is so important to a childs development in confidence and independence.

We strive to deliver top of the class kids who can go on and experience all the benefits of being a confident swimmer.

It is never too late to discover the playground of water and live a life without regrets. If you’ve never had the benefit of a one to one coaching lesson for yourself or your family. Whatever your goal with water we can show with you the techniques that will ignite your confidence, take you to a higher level. Don’t avoid the sea, the diving board, the waterparks, the slides be the leader of your gang.  After all the water is a theme park of fun.


Parents are another secret ingredient to the process...

It is so important a parent cheerleads them during the lessons. Positivity gives the child the confidence to overcome their individual obstacles. During lessons a child will look to their parents for encouragement and a sense of  achievement. So keep off the phone Dad!

Some of the younger students especially babies cry for the first few sessions. Understanding that crying is merely a way of communicating any number of things such as "I don't know this person holding me, mummy doesn't usually do this to me, this seems wrong"

but after they've stopped crying they think...

"this water is nice, I like splashing, look mummy I can float, I can do this on my own ha ha!"

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Did you know... ?

Swim-Float-Swim is endorsed by many Olympic medalists such as Charlenne, Princess of Monaco she was an Olympic swimmer for South Africa.

It was founded in the USA 65 years ago and is perhaps the grassroots secret to their golden swimmers.


Armbands, goggles or float supports encourage bad posture and slow development. In our experience you simply can’t teach a child good horizontal posture in any kind of float aid.

We are fully qualified to teach autistic, Down syndrome children, babies as young as 6 months to fully grown adults, we have combined the best of the worldwide programs to achieve the best results on our students.

Swimming will help your child to develop an early walking, better coordination when jumping, catching an object, balancing, or skipping a rope! The cardio­ vascular system is improved. They become smarter as thousands of brain connections are happening. They develop team role practices and their critical thinking and become problem solvers what help them to gain confidence and self esteem.

We are able to teach babies and toddlers using a sensory input and scientific motivational behaviour techniques. That’s our secret!

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How we teach...

By utilizing the innovative ‘Swim-Float-Swim’ techniques, we deliver one-to-one training to ensure that each and every student gets the attention they need. In our beginner lessons (ISA Basic) , that are offered to children as young as 6 months old, a unique focus is given to developing the correct horizontal self-float posture.

During these lessons we incorporate lots of fun using water based toys that are used to entice and encourage the child to move in the water and to learn whilst playing games. The child is concentrating more on the games being played and they don’t even realise that they are continually being taught techniques! Lessons last for 10 mins initially, there is a close bond built between the child and instructor and allows for trust and security thus creating a safe and fun learning environment.

This means that all following swimming lessons feel natural and instinctive without the need for armbands, goggles or float supports that often encourage bad posture and slow development.  You simply can’t teach a child good horizontal posture in armbands.
However it’s not all learning to swim we also offer fun classes such as diving for sinkers, collecting toys from the pool, jumping off a big floating mat, racing their friend floats or noodles, Mermaid and super hero fancy dress parties, days out to Water theme parks and much more!



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Students learn to swim without any kind of floating AID

Students learn to swim without using any kind of verbal cue

Students learn to swim with and without goggles.

Students learn to recover and float from any situation with ease

Students learn to swim with street clothes on giving them the experience to react in an unexpected situation.

international swimming academy testimonials

"My son has been in swimming lessons since the age of 6 months, but we were frustrated at age 5 as we felt as though he still lacked basic swimming fundamentals despite having one on one instruction. Lessons were made more challenging as a result of his special educational needs (gross motor delays and attention span difficulties). Since starting lessons with Silvia, he has progressed more in the past 3 classes than in his previous 2 years of lessons. Silvia has a wonderful rapport with him and is very motivating, but also is firm in keeping his attention and making him aware of water safety! We both look forward to lessons each week and are so grateful to have found ISA."

Silvia & Miguel, Words cannot express my gratitude to the both of you for the excellent work yo have done for Noah. He changed from a boy who hated water on his face and eyes to one who can swim prowerfully across the pool, with different techniques in his repertoire and with confidence too. Thank you so much for your patience and firmness.
Rose and son Noah

I also wanted you to know all my friends are amazed at what Cameron has been able to achieve.  I only wish more people would prepare their children for the unknown water can bring!  I feel so much better about Cam walking around the Serpentine, and the boating lake at Regents…He is ALL boy, rough and tumble, and one of these days, I am certain he will plop in the water unexpectedly!  I can’t thank you enough, because now he will react instead of panic.

Cameron's Parents

I brought my daughter Emily to ISA on Sundays at 10.30, and she is being coached by Sylvia since September. I could see from the first lesson that Emily would really progress under Sylvia. I love how Sylvia has the creative lessons designed and planned, and she also makes sure that the element of fun is not left out. She makes use of various techniques and equipment, and maintains a friendly attitude even if the learner is taking some time to learn. Even when Sylvia is teaching a group, she makes sure that every child gets individual attention. Overall, I would like to say that ISA has an amazing atmosphere which is engaging, and each 30 minute lesson is very fruitful.

I am lucky to find Sylvia as a swimming instructor for my daughter, and I just want to thank her for her countless amazing efforts.

Julia and daughter Emily

I am utterly amazed by the progress that David has made through the swimming coaching lessons provided by Miguel. I took David for a lesson on Saturday, and I could not help me noticing that he was smiling throughout the lesson and was surprisingly willing to dip his face in the water with complete confidence and courage. He was willing to jump in the water, swam pretty well and looked happy throughout. Miguel is amazing, and if it was up to me, I would give him a bonus!

Amber and son David

If you don’t know the Swim‐Float‐Swim method, you’ve got to come and see us. We can guarantee it will open your eyes and leave you wondering if only I’d learnt this sooner. We can tailor lessons around your needs, give us a call and we can discuss a format that works for you.

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