ISA Adults

Our Adult Courses are a great option for beginner swimmers, those who need to polish their technique or to overtake a sporting challenge! 

Lessons are delivered 1:1, with just one swimmer in the water with the instructor, or 2:1, with two swimmers with the instructor.

Lessons are available as 20, or 30 minutes sessions.

What you will learn!


You will develop the power to swim effortless.


You will learn the right skills to swim longer distances.


You will work on specific skills to make your stroke more efficient.

Become the swimmer you were born to be!

The common belief that swimming is simply mastering the 4 main strokes is what deters most adults from continuing with lessons, however, swimming is a connection of the mind and body in the water. 

Aquaphobia? The depth of the pool at all venues is between 1.2 – 1.4 metres which are usually around waist height and are perfect for beginners! t

Meet our Stars

Read what our swimmers think

Words cannot express my gratitude to the programme and the teachers,  for the excellent work you have done with me.
I completely changed from a man who hated water on his face and eyes to one who can swim powerfully across the pool.

Thomas S.


This programme is a very valuable service to have, especially for people scared of water.

The level of immersion works really well in combination with the care and sensitivity the teachers have for all the swimmers! 

Tracey R.


I am absolutely thrilled with my progress with ISA!

I had done a lot of the programmes but I couldn't find a good swimming school in the UK. Thanks for what you do!

Rose Mary T.


I would like to book!