Can I make up a missed lesson?

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  • Please make sure you are fully committed to attending any type of course that you book with us for the duration of the course.
  • We will not refund any fee paid or make up a missed lesson for any reason after it is booked, unless specifically stated as part of any special offers or booking packages. We operate in third party facilities with limited availability so your booking confirmation means that we have: block the pool time with the venue, set up the systems, arrange a maintenance person, the poolside assistant – in some venues – and the teacher’s time for your booking, even if you do not attend the class.
  • If you will miss too much of a term because you are travelling or any other personal circumstances, our “One-Off” lessons or “Crash Course” can be a better option for you.

Special circumstances to request a refund or to postpone lessons

  • When you provide us with written evidence from your child’s doctor that your child is unable to attend swimming lessons for a minimum of six (6) weeks, we will either; 
    1. refund a pro-rata amount in respect of all fees paid for lessons starting at least twenty-four (24) hours after you provide the evidence; or
    2. postpone your child’s attendance at lessons for a maximum period of six (6) weeks.
  • If we are forced to change or cancel a lesson, we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible and let you know about any alternative arrangements. 
  • If the alternative arrangements are not suitable for you or your child, or if we are forced to cancel a lesson, we will issue you with a lesson credit which can be used during the current term or the next available term’s fees. If you do not re-enrol for the next term, we will refund an amount equal to the lesson credit. The refund must be requested by the last day of the term following term after the lesson credit is given. Eg. By the end of  Spring term for lesson credit given following forced cancellations in previous Autumn term.

*If you need more detailed information about this point, we recommend you to read the point 5 and 6 of our “Terms & Conditions” displayed on the footer of our website.

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