Should I pay for my slot during Priority Booking even if I want to change it for next term?

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The answer here is “It depends”. It depends on your personal situation. We are usually fully booked, with the exception of only a few slots late evening.
 If you can carry on with your same day and time if no other availability becomes available, we would recommend that you do pay for your booking to ensure that you can carry on with lessons next term, regardless of whether your ideal slot becomes available next term or not. If you pay during Priority Booking or General Booking for Current Customers and request a slot change, we will allow you one opportunity to change before the date set out in your enrolment email. If any changes are made after this period (during the term), a £12 admin fee will apply”.
However, if you know that you cannot make your current slot under any circumstances, then we recommend you wait to pay. Before we open General Booking, we will send an email out to those who are waiting to change slots for them to have the first pick of the slots available. *Please be aware that this option does carry a risk that you will not be able to swim the following term if most current swimmers stick with their current slot times.*
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