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What is a Crash Course?

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  • ISA Crash Courses are offered as an intensive course where swimmers attend at least 1 lesson per day for the duration (although we do offer the option to do One-off lesson at these times where there is availability).
  • Our Crash Course is a popular option for our regular swimmers, occasional swimmers and new swimmers alike. If your child is new to lessons, a Crash Course can be a great way to introduce them to the ISA programme and set them off on their swimming adventure with a flying start!
  • They are usually 4 or 5 days long and are run outside of our normal term times during the school holidays. For example, they may run during the Half Term, Easter Holidays or upon request.
  • We often see accelerated progress during these short courses due to the frequent repetition throughout the week. Children learn very effectively in short, frequent intervals.
  • Crash Courses present a great opportunity to focus on anything your child may need to overcome in their regular lessons, such a specific skill that is taking them a little longer to learn or building confidence more quickly.
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