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What is an ISA Swimming Gala?

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  • We see these as “personal development” opportunities that allow the children participating from the Intermediate and Advanced Levels the experience of swimming in a longer, deeper and cooler pool.
  • It is about facing up to those differences in the environment, standing in front of their friends, family and the rest of the crowd and boosting their self-esteem.
  • Our galas are a chance to really see your child’s progress and give them their opportunity to shine!

How does a Swimming Gala look like?

  • Each race begins with a 10-minute warm up lesson where they can interact with other swimmers of their level, work on swimming longer distances and get some last-minute tips from our instructors. For some it may be all about winning the race, but for us it’s about the experience and seeing how proud our swimmers are of themselves and their amazing achievements!

Who is the Gala for?

  • You will be invited to participate in the event if your child is ready. Selection is not just based on swimming ability; the swimmer’s emotional readiness is also taken into account.
  • Galas are not a compulsory event. If you decide to participate, you will be given all the details in advance, including price. Galas are not included in the termly fees.

How often is a Swimming Gala?

  • We usually hold an annual friendly ISA Swimming Gala.

“Did you know the National Curriculum expects children to be swimming 25 metres by the age they finish primary school? We have swimmers as young as 3.5 years old swimming this distance at the ISA Swimming Galas!”

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