What to wear?

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No toilet trained children

  • Reusable “swim nappy” with an elastic around the legs and waist tight enough to prevent any leaks or “accidents” from contaminating the pool.
  • We have “Finis” swim nappies available to purchase for £12.
  • All swimmers must be ‘swim-ready’ in swimsuit, swimming cap and goggles (if attending Intermediate and Advanced Levels only).
  • If you would like your child to wear a swimming cap please note, only ISA swimming caps are allowed during the lessons. Learn more HERE.

All the other children

  • All a tight fit costume that allows for easy movement and reduces drag.

No recommended

  • Please ensure your child is not wearing any neoprene clothes or a wet-suit, these can assist with floating and we want your child to learn how to float by themselves.
  • Bikinis or wide swim-trunks
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