What types of lessons are available?

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Term Package

  • Our “term package” is a popular option for regular swimmers who like to keep the consistency in lesson attendance to achieve better results. They run during normal school term time.
  • Lessons are booked in advance for the whole term with a fixed day and time. You can book as many “Term package” as you wish.
  • Where lessons are started after the term has begun, fees will be charged on a “pro-rata” basis, but we do not accept bookings for part of a term only.
  • We often receive great feedback from parents about how safe they felt during their pool holidays with the child around the swimming pool or at the sea.
  • It is very common for children attending this “term package” to be in the top swimming group at their school.

One-off lessons

  • Our “One-off ” lesson is a single lesson booked with a fixed day and time. They are the perfect option for:
  • Those who want to get a taste of our programme before making a commitment for the whole term. You can book as many One-off lessons as you wish!
  • Those families who are not going to attend the full term due to personal circumstances, such as travelling, but still want their child to occasionally attend some lessons.
  • Parents who would like to learn how to guide their children in their own individual swimming pool time.

Crash Course

  • ISA Crash Courses are offered as an intensive course where swimmers attend at least 1 lesson per day for the duration (although we do offer the option to do One-off lesson at these times where there is availability).
  • Our Crash Course is a popular option for our regular swimmers, occasional swimmers and new swimmers alike. If your child is new to lessons, a Crash Course can be a great way to introduce them to the ISA programme and set them off on their swimming adventure with a flying start.
  • They are usually 4 or 5 days long and are run outside of our normal term times during the school holidays. For example, they may run during the Half Term, Easter Holidays or upon request.
  • We often see accelerated progress during these short courses due to the frequent repetition throughout the week. Children learn very effectively in short, frequent intervals. Crash Courses present a great opportunity to focus on anything your child may need to overcome in their regular lessons, such a specific skill that is taking them a little longer to learn or building confidence more quickly.

*If you would like to know more about our Crash Course please click HERE

ISA Friendly Swimming Gala

  • We hold an annual friendly ISA Swimming Gala. We see these as “personal development” opportunities that allow the children participating from the Intermediate and Advanced Levels the experience of swimming in a longer, deeper and cooler pool. It is about facing up to those differences in the environment, standing in front of their friends, family and the rest of the crowd and boosting their self-esteem. Galas are not a compulsory event. If you decide to participate, you will be given all the details in advance, including the price.
  • Galas are not included in the termly fees.

*If you would like to know more about our Gala please, click HERE.


For all the different programmes, the fee changes depending on lesson length, the type of lesson: private (1:1) or in a group setting and the location. To know more about the lesson fee please click HERE

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