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International Swimming Academy Qualified Instructor Training courses are aimed at those who are interested in challenging norms, have a real passion for swimming, have a real love for children, are looking to explore another way of swimming teaching and want to be part of the “Swim Safety Revolution”.

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What will I learn on ISA training?

Our training involves classroom-based and in-water training on:


The mechanics of our unique ISA methodology.


In-water sessions with at least 20 children of different ages.


Child psychology and child behaviour techniques.


Wellbeing and mindful activities.

Choose your ISA programme

The Water Safety Programme

You will learn how to teach children how to navigate themselves into a safe back-floating position from anywhere in the water.

The Stroke Transition Programme

You will learn how to teach children the transition from water-safety skills to swim traditional strokes maintaining the rotation for an effective breathing.

The Traditional Strokes Programme

You will learn how to teach children to develop technique, speed and stamina to reach their full swimming potential in all the 4 traditional swimming strokes.

What everyone says...

“This course has been a major live-changing experience. Not just with the technical knowledge but my own personal growth as well.

The content was so much more than I thought before. I knew I would learn the technical of teaching children how to float, but all the other skills that I learn, how to tap into the child’s emotional development were amazing”.



Yasmine Hassan

London, UK

“If you really want to stand out on your career as a swimming instructor, you really need to be part of this programme.

This is something fresh and new, and you will feel like when you apply this technique, it is when you are really helping children to be safer in the water.”





Xavi Saporta

Barcelona, Spain

"This course is life-changing course.

If you want to go to next level, if you want to get extra knowledge about swimming, or if you want to teach kids to really be safer in the water, you have to do this course. It is so different for any other course that I've done and I have done so many of them. If you are looking for people who can teach you to become a more experienced teacher with different approaches and quicker achieving results you have to go to ISA".



Diana Daly

Limerick, Ireland

“I love to teach with ISA as their method is innovative and it works brilliantly. They really care about the wellbeing of their swimmers, giving them the tools to be safer in the water.

I also like the way they adapt to all kinds of children or adults, always trying to teach in a way that makes learning more interesting.”





Julio Gallego

London, UK

“After 9  years teaching conventional swimming lessons in Barcelona Spain, I couldn’t believe there was a different method where young children could learn to be self-reliant in the water.

When Miguel proposed that I move out to London and I looked into the swimming school that he was developing there, I was extremely impressed. I didn’t think twice, I packed all my things and I came to London where here, away from home, I am learning so much! My favourite thing about teaching is that you get to see the children learn to swim and have fun and you learn about the children at the same time.”

Adrià Blanco

Barcelona, Spain

Is there another way to learn more about teaching the ISA way?

We currently only run the Qualified Instructor Training as an intensive training. We have run several ISA seminars over the past few years to give people a taste of what we do. We don’t currently have any ISA seminars planned, but if you would like to arrange a specific workshop for your own swimming school, please get in touch with us and we can organise this through a video conference or presentation, to find the best solution for your needs.

If you are looking for more information, please refer to our “Help Centre” where we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about our instructor training programmes in the “ISA Qualified Instructor Training” section.

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